Peanut Katli recipe | Two ingredients, No Sugar Peanut Barfi recipe | Soft & Healthy Kaju Katli Style Peanut Katli

How to make Peanut Katli | Peanut Barfi with no sugar | Soft Peanut Katli recipe with detailed snaps and step by step procedure. 

Peanut Katli/Barfi - a thin slice of mouth-melting, luxurious barfi sweet prepared with Peanuts. Peanut is both a savour-friendly and sweet-friendly guy that can be put into any dish to transform it into an insanely delicious dish. The crunchy roasted peanuts add a nice taste punch to all the dishes in which they are added. Starting from the traditional recipe like Peanut Chikki to the fancy stuff like buttery peanut brownies, it is totally agreeable that Peanuts are the true rock star.

Let's come to Katli now. When we hear the term 'Katli', the dish that strikes the mind is nothing but Kaju Katli. The smooth texture and the mouth-melting taste of the Kaju Katli make it stand high amongst other barfi sweet varieties. The beautifully rhombus-shaped Kaju Katli with the right thickness (neither so thick nor so thin!) would be boundlessly loved by almost everyone.

Can you ever think of making Kaju Katli-style Peanut Katli at home? Yup! Katli with Peanuts as the main ingredient! The resultant was super awesome with the same mouth-melting feel that leaves the footprint of peanut flavour in the mouth. Preparing or Buying Katli with cashew nuts may be costly and here comes the equally lovable sweet with budget-friendly Peanuts. 

Peanuts hold a good amount of protein, magnesium, fibre and good fat. We make Peanut Katli more healthy by skipping refined sugar from the recipe. So, the extraordinarily tasty and extremely healthy Peanut Katli would be the result that never fails to melt in the mouth with a blast of real peanutty flavour inside the mouth.

What's so special about super-tasty Peanut Katli?

Very Economical:

Peanuts are nutritious as well as pocket-friendly.

Unique taste:

The taste of the Peanuts are so unique that fits very well in the recipe.

Quick & Easy:

It is just a 15 minutes job to finish off the preparation of Peanut Katli. Even a big batch of Peanut Katli could be made easily as the right consistency would be reached very soon.

Just 2 Ingredients:

The two main ingredients are Peanuts and Rock Candy. Though Saffron, cardamom powder and ghee are used as extra flavouring agents, they can be skipped as well.

The quick and easy recipe needs some tricks to get into the right barfi texture. If the right consistency is denied, either the mixture would not be gathered into a smooth dough or would have the risk of crumbling. 

Do's and Dont's:

We need Peanut Powder and not Peanut Butter! While grinding the peanuts, it has to be ground in pulse mode to get the peanut powder. If you grind for a long time, the peanuts would release oil and become buttery.

  • The right consistency of the Peanut Katli can be noticed by three steps. If we don't stop at the right consistency, the smooth barfi would not be the result.
  1. The sides of the mixture should start to leave the pan.
  2. When the mixture is poured from the spatula, it has to drop like a ribbon (remember, thin and wide strips!).
  3. If a small portion of the mixture is taken out, it can be able to form into a non-sticky ball.
  • The syrup has to reach a rolling boil when we add the peanut powder. No string consistency is needed for this recipe.
  • Once the right consistency is reached, turn off the flame immediately. Cooking the mixture for a long time could change the consistency of the barfi mixture.
  • Knead the mixture into a smooth dough when it is hot. Once the mixture cools down, the mixture may start to crumble and it would be difficult to get a soft barfi.
  • Use greased butter sheets to knead the dough. Alternatively, the mixture can be transferred to the greased plate and kneaded with the help of a spatula.
  • Flatten the dough and roll it into a thin sheet when the dough is still warm. 

So, the right consistency has to be reached, and the mixture should be kneaded into a soft dough when it is hot. If the steps are pursued correctly, the resultant rolled sheet would be very smooth and soft as we want it to be.

How long the Peanut Katli keeps good?

  • It keeps good for more than 10 days when stored in a clean and dry air-tight container.

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⏲ Preparation Time: 10 minutes
⏲ Cooking Time: 15 minutes
🍴  Servings: 4 to 5

Peanut Katli recipe

The very healthy and melt in the mouth Katli recipe that would be prepared with Peanuts and no Sugar.
What do you need?[1 cup = 200 ml]
  • Peanuts - 2 cups
  • Rock Candy - 1&1/2 cups
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Saffron - a few strands
  • Ghee - 1 tsp + 1 tsp for greasing
Steps Involved:
  • Take a cup of Peanuts and dry roast them until aromatic.
  • Transfer the roasted peanuts to a cloth, fold and rub vigorously to peel off the skins of peanuts.
  • Transfer the peeled off peanuts to a mixer, and run it in a pulse mode to get the peanut powder. (Caution: Over grinding may make the peanuts sticky)
  • In a pan, make a syrup with rock candy and water.
  • Add saffron strands & cardamom powder, and bring the syrup to a boil.
  • Add the peanut powder and mix without lumps.
  • Once the mixture turns smooth, add in the ghee, and mix.
  • Mix continuously for about 5 minutes, and the sides of the mixture would start to leave the pan.
  • When the mixture is dropped from the spatula, it has to drop like a thin striped ribbon.
  • Turn off the flame immediately and let it cool for a while.
  • Transfer the thickened mixture to the greased butter paper, and knead it into a smooth dough when it is hot.
  • Flatten, and roll into a thin sheet. Top the rolled sheet with silver vark (optional).
  • Cut into desired shapes and enjoy.

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For comforting the easy understandability of the recipe, the step by step, detailed procedure, along with the picture is shown below:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?

  • Take two full cups of peanuts in a pan.

  • Dry roast the peanuts until they turn aromatic.

  • Peel off the skins of peanuts by rubbing them vigorously in between the cloth.

  • Transfer the peeled peanuts into a mixer jar.

  • Grind the peanuts in pulse mode to get the peanut powder. If you want a fine peanut powder, then grind in small batches. A few small chunks of peanuts are completely fine as they make no difference in the outcome.

  • In a pan, take 1&1/2 cups of rock candy.

  • Also, take half a cup of water to the same pan.

  • Allow the rock candy to dissolve fully.

  • Add a pinch of saffron strands now. This step is optional and you can choose to skip it.

  • Add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder to the rock candy syrup.

  • Bring the syrup to a rolling boil. There is no need to check the string consistency of the syrup.

  • Add the powdered peanuts to the boiling syrup.

  • Mix well without any lumps. Make sure to break the lumps if anything is present.

  • After a few minutes, you will notice that the mixture would turn out to be smooth.

  • Add a teaspoon of ghee at this time. Adding ghee is optional, but it gives a good non-sticky feel and a nice flavour to the barfi.

  • The mixture has to be mixed well continuously. It would take approximately 5 minutes to reach the right consistency.

  • The sides of the mixture would start to leave the pan.

  • When the mixture is dropped from the spatula, it has to drop like flat & thin strips (like a ribbon).
  • Once the right consistency is reached, turn off the flame without making any delay.

  • Cool it for a while and the mixture would thicken at this point.

  • Transfer the thickened mixture to the greased butter paper.

  • Act quickly as the mixture could crumble once the temperature of the mixture comes down. Start to knead when the mixture is hot.

  • While kneading, the mixture will attain smoothness and softness.

  • Flatten the dough, and roll it into a thin sheet by using the rolling pin. 
  • You can choose to apply ghee over the rolling pin or spread one more butter sheet over the flattened dough to prevent mess-free Peanut Katli.

  • Stick some silver sheets over the top of the rolled sheets. This step is optional and you can choose to avoid it. Alternatively, the sweet can be topped with some chopped dry fruits.

  • Cut into rhombus-shaped pieces and enjoy!

  • The Peanut Katli can be enjoyed for 10 days or so.


  • Use a wide pan to reduce the making time of Peanut Katli.
  • Roast the peanuts until they release their flavour to get the real peanutty flavour in the Peanut Katli.

Very Healthy! Insanely Delicious!


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