Eggless Mango Rava Cake recipe | mini Mango Cake with Rava and Jaggery | 7 minutes Sooji Mango Cake | No butter, No Oven

Eggless Mango Rava cake recipe | Rava mango cake | mini mango cake with Rava and Jaggery recipe with detailed pictures and step by step procedure. 

Mangoes! Are you a crazy go person for Mangoes? The plump sweet flesh, the 'make us drool' fruity flavour, the cute inviting colour, and the seasonal hindrance makes the fruit king the most wanted fruit, isn't it? And yes, in my family too, the craze for Mangoes knows no bounds.

Frankly speaking, I never think of making Mango recipes as it is very rare to see leftover mangoes in the fruit basket. But this time, the next moment the 'cake in Appe pan' idea strikes my mind, I manage to reserve some mango fruits for my cute mini mango cakes.

Mango Rava cake is a fruity flavoured cake recipe with a grainy texture and super-moist nature. Unlike the mango cakes made with flour, these rava mango cakes score with the super grainy texture which I make perfectly moist by adding oil instead of butter.

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Many people look for a cake recipe without an oven, and this cake in Appe pan would make the job very much easier just like preparing Paniyarams! Yup, you get the bonus of 'no flipping' as well. The way for easy and mess-free cakes that need no preheating and very less baking time can be achieved through this 'Appe pan' cake-making technique.

Know the features of Mango Rava Cake in Appe pan:

  • No preheating is needed and so, you safeguard the time for preheating.
  • No flipping is needed. Close the Appe pan with a lid and bake for 7 minutes. That's it! sounds easy, right?!

Baking Time:

  • Over the low flame, it took exactly 7 minutes to get baked completely.
  • The time may vary a little depends on the flame and the quantity of batter in each mould.
  • Insert toothpick after 7 minutes of baking. 
  1. If the batter sticks to the toothpick, it means that it is undercooked and you have to bake for a minute or two until fully done.
  2. If the toothpick comes out clean or has a sign of very few grains attached, it means that the cakes are done.

During baking time, the cakes are supposed to rise. So, it is recommended to fill up to 3/4th portion of each mould to get mess-free beautiful mango cakes. Once done, it needs no time to get cooled down for unmoulding. These mini mango rava cakes can be unmoulded easily and can be enjoyed warm.

Butter or Oil?

  • The same amount of melted butter can be added in the place of oil.
  • With melted butter, the cake would taste rich and fluffy with less-moist nature.
  • With oil, the cake turns out very moist yet reaches the desired fluffiness.

Usually, I love to add butter to my cake recipes to get the rich buttery feel in the cakes. These mango rava cakes would be lovely to bite if they are moist and so, the oil is what I suggest particularly for these rava mango cakes.

Should I add baking powder?

  • You can skip or add the same amount mentioned.
  • If you SKIP the baking powder, the resulting products are not cakes but dense and moist Rava mango Paniyarams. The taste would be exactly the same with no fluffiness included.
  • If you add a teaspoon of baking powder, the resulting cakes are fluffy, spongy and moist enough to satisfy the need for cakes. 

Eggs or No eggs?

  • The eggs add extra fluffiness to the cakes. If you like to add an egg, reduce the quantity of milk to 1/3 cups\.
  • With no eggs, make sure you whisk the oil and mango puree very well until combined. Also, keep in mind, once you add Rava, the batter should be folded gently and should not be mixed vigorously. 

Furthermore, Jaggery is added for the sweetness here. Don't worry! the colour of the mango cakes doesn't change much and they end up with a different shade of yellow. If the Jaggery used is very dark in colour, the colour of the cakes may get impacted leaving no changes in the taste. So, feel free to opt for Jaggery as it is a healthy sugar substitute.

Fine Rava  or Coarse Rava?

  • The fine Rava variety like Chiroti rava works great for this recipe.
  • If you have coarse rava available, grind it in a mixer for a while and make it less coarse but not a powder.
  • We need slightly coarse particles of Rava to get the grainy texture in the cakes and it's what exactly is the signature of Rava cake.

Also, do not forget to rest the batter for at least 15 minutes before you make the mango cakes. The Sooji needs some time to get soaked in the prepared cake batter. The soaked batter yields soft cakes which are moist, fluffy and spongy with a grainy texture.

Can I skip milk in this recipe?

  • If you want to skip the milk, I suggest substituting it with buttermilk or curd to get an equally good mini mango rava cakes.
  • Or, you can go for any plant-based milk instead of cow's milk.

Do I need to use any flavouring agents?

  • Not really!
  • I haven't used any flavouring agents  as the natural mango flavour is predominant.
  • If you feel like lacking the flavour, add a few drops of vanilla extract.

Which Mangoes to use?

  • Alphonso and Badami work best for this recipe. 
  • You can use any type of mango that is well-ripened and loaded with flavour.

So, coming through this post is the very simple recipe of Eggless Mango Rava cake which scores with no artificial flavours, no artificial colours & no white sugar added; and stands healthy with the use of Jaggery. Additionally, no oven and no stove-top settings are required as the Appe pan comes into play. Plus the bonus hit of no preheating and less baking time makes these insanely delicious, little yellow mango cake fellows quick to make and hard to resist recipe.

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Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Resting Time: 15 minutes
Baking Time: 7 minutes per batch
🍴 Servings: 35 mini mango cakes (approx)

Eggless Mango Rava Cake recipe

The super-moist, spongy, naturally fruity flavoured, and grainy-textured mini mango cakes prepared with Rava(Sooji) and Jaggery in Appe pan.

What do you need? [1 cup = 200ml]
  • Cubed Mangoes - 1 cup (heaped)
  • Jaggery powder - 1 cup
  • Oil - 1/4 cup (flavourless)
  • Rava/Sooji - 1&1/2 cups (fine quality)
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp
  • Milk - 1/2 cup
Steps Involved:
  • Grind the cubed mangoes and the Jaggery powder together to make a smooth puree.
  • To the sweetened mango puree, add oil and whisk very well until fully combined.
  • Add in the fine rava, baking powder and milk.
  • Fold the batter gently until combined and no lumps are seen.
  • Rest the batter for at least 15 minutes.
  • Brush the moulds of Appe pan (Paniyaram pan) with oil.
  • Fill each mould up to 3/4th area with the batter. Top the batter with tutti-fruity if desired.
  • Tap twice, place over low flame, and bake for 7 minutes with the lid on.
  • Check for doneness, unmould, and enjoy the mango rava cakes.

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For comforting the easy understandability of the recipe, the step by step detailed procedure, along with the picture is shown below:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?

  • Take a heaped cup of cubed mangoes in a blender. Use Alphonso or Badami mango variety to get more flavourful mango cakes. Add a cup of Jaggery powder to the same blender and blend well to make a smooth mango puree.
  • To the prepared mango puree, add oil and whisk very well. The ingredients have to be combined well.
  • Now, add the fine rava to the mixing bowl. If the Rava is coarse, grind it to slightly coarse particles and then add.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking powder.

  • Add half a cup of milk to the same mixing bowl.

  • Now, fold the batter gently until no lumps are visible. Overdoing the mixing may end up in harder cakes.

  • The right consistency of the batter looks like this. If the batter looks very thick, add extra milk to achieve the right consistency.

  • Keep covered and rest the batter for about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, brush the moulds of  an Appe pan (Paniyaram pan) with little oil.

  • Fill all the moulds with the cake batter only up to 3/4th portion leaving 1/4th area free to let the cake rise and fill up the free space.

  • Top the batter with tutti-fruity. This step is optional. 
  • Now, keep the Appe pan over a very low flame. Close with a lid and allow to bake for 7 minutes.

  • Check for doneness. If not done, bake for a minute or two until fully done.
  • Allow the cakes to cool down or enjoy the mango rava cakes warm. Even without cooling down, these mini mango cakes can be unmoulded easily.


  • Use well-ripened, flavour-loaded mangoes for the best mango rava cakes.
  • The Sooji has to be finely grained. The coarse Sooji can be ground and break down into finer granules to get used in the recipe.
  • Do not overdo mixing after adding Sooji. Fold gently the batter to get rid of harder and dense mango cakes.
  • A resting time of 15 minutes is mandatory to get the Sooji soaked up in the cake batter. The more the resting time, the much softer the cakes would be.
  • Buttermilk or curd can be used as a substitute for milk.

Super-Moist! Grainy-textured! 

Quick Mini Mango Rava Cakes in Appe Pan!


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