Dates & Raisins Syrup | 'Iron-Packed' Natural Sweetener | Energy Boosting Tonic | from Toddlers to Adults

The Dates & Raisins Syrup recipe would be the tasty power-packed Natural Sweetener suitable for all age groups. Let it be anything from sweetening the puree for toddlers to sweeten the latte, tea, salads, smoothies, milkshakes and blah blah blah, this Dates & Raisins Syrup serves the purpose very soulfully. Want a healthy spread for the baked slices of bread? Need a super yummy & healthy topping for the hot pancakes? Dates & Raisins Syrup would be a wise choice.

Dates are loaded with plentiful nutrients which should be added in our daily diet for the healthy bones, for boosting up the energy level, for alleviating the anaemia, for stimulating hair growth and so on. As the Syrup is concentrated, the sweetness will be pretty heavy and adding a very less amount could satiate the sweetening need. Using a premium quality SOFT Dates variety yields a Sweet and Intense Syrup that we expect.

Having said that, Dates Syrup with milk has always been a debate as it is believed that the iron intake would be hindered when added to milk. Excluding that case, we would be able to see the healthful take-off of the Dates & Raisins Syrup in countless recipes. It pairs quite well with the coconut milk lending soulful taste to it. 

Raisins are an added health benefit to this Syrup recipe. Raisins are Iron-rich, Calcium-rich, Fibre-rich, and a naturally sweet treasure for the flawless goodness of health. Adding raisins not only elevates the taste but also adds lots of health advantage which includes keeping the digestive system healthy. 

How it differs from the usual dates syrup?

  • The goodness of Dates plus the goodness of Raisins makes the perfect winning combination both health-wise and taste-wise.
  • The taste of Dates & Raisins syrup will be unbelievably good when compared to the usual dates Syrup. The slight tangy touch from the Raisins along with the natural sweetness from both Dates & Raisins leaves a perfect finishing taste to the syrup.

What to do & What not to do?

  • Transferring to a muslin cloth and squeezing the extract paves the way for the perfect syrup. You can grind the residue with some more water, pass through the cloth until the essence is extracted fully.
  • If you pass through a colander with big holes, the syrup would not be smooth & silky since some coarse particles may also get mixed with the extract.
  • Once the honey consistency is reached, turn off the flame immediately. Once cooled down, the syrup will get thicken a bit more. Cooking for more time would make the syrup very thick.

So, what we need is the thin watery extract with the complete essence of Dates and Raisins which will get turned into a silky smooth concentrated Syrup once cooked.

What to do with the Residue?

  • You can add them while preparing dough for sweet paranthas or in the batter of pancake. Do not expect sweetness in the residue as we have extracted the essence from it.

See the Sathumaav pancakes I prepared with the residue. If you are interested in Sathumaav Pancake recipe, visit the link "Sathumaav Pancake"

Know the benefits of Dates & Raisins Syrup here:

  • Wholly Iron-Packed.
  • Natural Sweetener as well as the Energy Booster.
  • Aids in digestion and helps cure Constipation.
  • Strengthen the bones.
  • Benefits Skin, Hair and Body health.

For 500 grams of Dates and 200 grams of Golden Raisins, we will get 200 ml of Dates & Raisins Syrup approximately. The desserts will turn adorably delightful once the Dates & Raisins Syrup is added. Apart from using as a natural sweetener and flavouring the desserts, it can also be used as a health tonic for those who are anaemic. Make the handy syrup ready and get them engaged in whatever desserts you make. Yup! It stays good for 6 months when stored properly.

Without any delay, let us dive into the super healthful Dates & Raisins Syrup recipe.

⏲ Soaking Time: 1 to 2 hours
Preparation Time: 15 minutes 
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours
🍴 Yields: 200 ml Syrup (approx)

Dates & Raisins Syrup

A concentrated, healthful, Iron-packed, Natural Sweetener Syrup that is prepared out of Dates & Raisins which serves the purpose as a spread, as a topping, as a sweetener, as an energy tonic and so on.

What to Use? [1 cup = 200 ml]
  • Dates - 500 grams (2 & 1/2 cups deseeded)
  • Raisins - 200 grams (1 cup) 
  • Hot Water 
Steps involved:
  • Wash 500 grams of premium quality soft dates and deseed them.
  • Wash 200 grams of golden raisins and discard the water.
  • Put Raisins and deseeded Dates together in a bowl.
  • Add enough hot water to soak them fully.
  • Allow them to get soaked completely.
  • Mash well, transfer to a clean muslin cloth and squeeze out the extract.
  • Transfer the residue to a mixer jar, grind with some water and extract through the cloth again.
  • Squeeze as much as possible and store the residue to get used in other recipes.
  • Now, cook the thin extracted essence until it reaches honey consistency.
  • Cool down, filter and store in a dry, airtight glass container.
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For comforting the easy understandability of the recipe, the step by step detailed procedure, along with the picture is shown below:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make? 

  • Take 500 grams of Soft Dates in a bowl. I use Soft Kimia Original Dates here which have soft plumpy flesh with more sweetness. You can go for any premium quality soft dates to get nutritious syrup.
  • Wash the dates twice or more and discard the water completely.
  • Deseed the dates and get them ready. It makes 2 & 1/2 cups after deseeding them.
  • Take 200 grams of raisins in a bowl. I use golden raisins which are soft and plumpy. You can use black raisins as well.
  • Wash them more than once to get rid of the dirt present.

  • Add the deseeded dates to the raisins.
  • Add in the sizzling hot water to the bowl containing Dates & Raisins. We need enough water to soak all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Close with a lid and allow them to soak well. It takes from 1 to 2 hours depending on the variety of Dates & Raisins used.
  • Once soaked well, mash them with a masher or spatula to better seep out the extract.
  • Transfer the mashed dates and raisins to a clean muslin cloth.
  • Squeeze out as much as possible to extract the liquid.
  • Transfer the residue to a  mixer jar and grind with some water to make a paste.
  • Transfer the ground paste to a muslin cloth.
  • Squeeze the liquid completely. By this time, all the essence and sweetness will get extracted. Store the residue which can be used in various other recipes like sweet paranthas and pancakes.
  • Cook the extracted liquid stirring now and then.
  • Keep stirring once the liquid starts to boil.
  • Keep cooking until the syrup thickens like honey.
  • Once the honey consistency is reached, turn off the flame immediately. 
  • Cooldown the syrup, filter and store in a clean and dry airtight container. We will be getting about 200 ml of syrup approximately.
  • The healthy, tasty Dates & Raisins Syrup is ready to get indulged and do taste magic in whatever dish you add. 

Visual Treat:

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  • The syrup will get thicken a bit once cooled down to room temperature. So, cooking further after reaching the honey consistency could make the syrup too thick and stringy making it difficult to use. 
  • Use a wide pan to make the syrup which will get it ready within minutes.
  • Handling with moisture-free hands can increase the shelf life of the syrup.
  • Use the plump & soft premium quality dates & raisins to get more quantity of the nutritious syrup.

Handy Health-Packed Syrup!

Energy Booster & 100% Natural Sweetener!


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