Homemade ROSE SYRUP | & Rose Milk Preparation | with No Artificial Colors & Flavours

Are you a lover of Love-filled Rose Flavour? Are you health-conscious? If YES, it should be a recipe for you to refresh yourself in the hot summer days with the natural rose flavour.

HOMEMADE Rose Syrup is the simple recipe of making syrup with the floral flavour indulged into it. When the sunny days get warmed up, something has to be done to quench our thirst right? Also, I'm very conscious that it should be natural and homemade to make the summer so special and healthy.

Commercial Rose Syrup:
  • Uses Artificial pink food colour to lend a beautiful light shade of pink to the Faloodas, Cocktails, Mocktails, Milkshake or anything in which the syrup is used.
  • Uses Artificial Rose essence or sometimes the Rosewater (extract of roses) to make the Rose Syrup.
  • So, the Sugar syrup flavoured with the artificial gulab (rose) flavour and coloured with the artificial pink food colour is what we get commercially as the Rose Syrup.
Homemade ROSE SYRUP:
  • It is something special in the homemade version with the notes of Edible rose petals. It is not that hectic to prepare the Rose Syrup at home as the procedure is so simple to pursue.
  • Just make sure you don't use any artificial flavours or colours in your Rose Syrup to make it natural and healthy.
  • Plus, I use rock candy and not brown sugar, as brown sugar changes the colour of the Rose Syrup. If you don't bother about the colour profile, just feel free to go with brown sugar.
  • The additional point to note is that I add some fresh rose petals to the Rose Syrup after switching off the stove which makes my Rose Syrup more flavoursome.
  • Also, if using beetroot juice, add it at the end or else the rose syrup will turn pale pink.

Pick the best Roses:
  • Roses should be of culinary grade which I mean should fall in an edible category to make this recipe.
  • Decorative roses have harmful pesticides sprayed all over them, which damage our inside organs without any question.
  • Garden-grown edible rose petals are the better option to go with. But, they offer less flavour to the Rose Syrup.
  • Edible roses could be purchased either from the market or you could purchase them online. I prefer using Organic Edible Rose petals though they are not powerful in the flavour side.
How to skip Artificial Food Colouring?
  • A few drops of Beetroot juice helps in getting the right deep pink colour.
  • A few Hibiscus flowers could also be added to get the nice pink colour in the Rose Syrup.
  • Artificial Food Coloring is what I don't prefer and suggest as it could harm our health.
Can I use Brown Sugar for this recipe?
  • You can use unrefined organic sugar for this recipe.
  • Brown sugar or Jaggery tends to change the colour profile and hence could be omitted for getting the nice pink colour like the commercial one.
Rose syrup could be flavoured with the vanilla to get Vanilla flavoured Rose Syrup which could be added in Faloodas, Milkshakes, Sherbat, Tea, Cakes or any desserts to make it more flavoursome. This post along with the detailed procedure of Homemade Rose Syrup gives the brief procedure of making Rose Milk.

What could be made using Homemade Rose Syrup?
  • It could be drizzled over the cake or pancake to get interesting gulab (rose) flavour to it.
  • It could be used as a base for the Faloodas.
  • Rose Syrup when added with cold milk and a few ice-cubes would change it into a beautiful pink coloured Rose Milk.
  • Rose syrup, when added with a dash of lemon juice and an ice-cold water with a sabja (basil) seeds, would turn it into a refreshing rose flavoured Sherbet.
  • A refreshing Lemonade, Milk cake, Latte or anything up to your innovation could be made possible throughout the summer if you prepare your Homemade Rose Syrup once at home.
The Lovable Rose Syrup would delight every lovable hearts at your home with no doubt. The magic of this syrup could convert any kind of delicious dessert into an ultra-delicious treat that would fill your loved ones' mouth with Lovable Rose Flavour and fill their heart with Bundle of Love & Joy!

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⌚Preparation Time: 10 minutes
🕐Cooking Time: 30 to 40 minutes
🥂Yields: 450 ml (approx)

No Artificial Colors & Flavours | Homemade ROSE SYRUP   

A simple and sweet syrup prepared with Edible rose petals which can be used as a base for making many desserts and drinks.

What to Use?
  • Edible Rose Petals - 3 cups (tightly packed)
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Rock candy - 2 cups (or unrefined organic sugar)
  • Beetroot juice - a few drops (or Hibiscus flowers - 3 nos)
Steps Involved:
  • In a big pan, add 3 cups of tightly packed edible rose petals and a half cup of water.
  • Bring the rose petals to boil.
  • Cover with a lid and cook for about 10 minutes.
  • The edible rose petals would lose their colour at this time and the water would become flavoursome RoseWater.
  • Take rock candy (or unrefined sugar) in a pan and add little water to it.
  • Bring it to boil and make a rock candy syrup.
  • When the rock candy syrup turns sticky, add the prepared rose water to the rock candy syrup.
  • Once it comes to boil, switch off the stove and add little fresh rose petals to it. Doing so enhances the sweet rose flavour.
  • Add a few drops of beetroot juice to the Rose syrup, mix and let the syrup cools down a bit to get thickened.
  • Filter the Rose syrup and you can see the deep pink colour in the Rose Syrup with heart-melting sweet Rose smell.
  • Store the Rose Syrup in a clean and dry glass container which stays well for 3 months when properly stored in a refrigerator.

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Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?
Making RoseWater:
  • Take Edible rose petals in a wide pan. While measuring the rose petals, tightly pack them in the cup.
  • Add half a cup of water to the rose petals. The rose petals should just get immersed when touched. A very little amount of water should be added to make flavourful rose water.
  • Bring the rose petals to boil. While boiling, you could notice the rose petals losing their colour.
  • Close with a lid and boil for 10 minutes. This ensures the essence of the petals get transferred to the water making it a floral flavoured RoseWater.
  • Filter through a colander to get the natural and sweet smelled RoseWater.
  • The sweet-smelled natural RoseWater is ready, and it could be used for skin glow in addition to the culinary usage.

Making RockCandy Syrup:
  • Add Rock candy and water to a wide pan and make a rock candy syrup.
  • Bring the rock candy syrup to boil. The rock candy syrup should be sticky when touched.

Making Rose Syrup:
  • Add the prepared rose water to the sticky rock candy syrup.
  • Let the mixture comes to boil.
  • Switch off the burner and add some fresh edible rose petals to the Rose Syrup. This adds more rose flavour to the syrup.
  • Add a few drops of beetroot juice (or hibiscus flowers) to the Rose syrup and let the syrup cools down.
  • The Rose syrup will get thick syrup-like consistency once cooled down. Filter the Homemade Rose syrup through a strainer.
  • Homemade Rose Syrup is ready, and you could see the deep pink colour of the Rose Syrup.

Making Rose Milk using Homemade Rose Syrup:
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Rose Syrup to a serving glass.
  • Add boiled and cooled cow's milk to the rose syrup and mix well. You could add some ice-cubes if you want.
  • Delicious Rose Milk is ready to serve!

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  • Beetroot juice should be added after switching off the flame to get the deep pink colour in the Rose Syrup. Beetroot juice when cooked could pale the deep pink colour.
  • Add a little water to the fresh rose petals, so that the rose water we get would be flavoursome. Apart from the culinary uses, the prepared rose water can be used for healthy and glowing skin.

Sweet-smelled, Deep-pink Coloured HOMEMADE ROSE SYRUP!
Suits best for any desserts and drinks!


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