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Sprouting is the term to refer the germinating seeds, lentils or legumes. Despite any legumes, Sprouting has its catchy health benefits which I think is inducing a health freak like me to stick to it most of the time to make many delicious dishes. To know more about Sprouting and to know the easy way to sprout the legumes, I suggest you check my Sprouting post.

This Sprouted Pulses Dosa or Adai recipe is one of my family's favourites which I used to make at least once in two weeks. As I choose multiple sprouted pulses for this recipe, it would be health filling and obviously, tummy-filling leaving a heartful taste to the palates.

The recipe is gonna be a 'one shot with two goals' meaning that 'one batter which gives crispy roasted dosa which can interchangeably be served as a traditional Adai dosa'. Adai is a popular dish from the Southern India which is usually thick with a hint of various spices which could be a filling breakfast when accompanied with any chutney or simply the powdered jaggery.

Traditional Adai uses split dals which when ground along with the rice and other spices would give unbelievably enjoyable delicious Adai. The variation here is the bundle of Sprouted pulses which not only enhances the health advantage but also would enrich the dosa with the delightful taste.

So, What's new in this recipe?
  • Despite using split dal, I use Sprouted green grams, Sprouted black grams, Sprouted Chickpeas, Sprouted Cowpeas and Sprouted Red kidney beans along with the rice to make the batter much healthier.
  • Unlike usual Adai batter which is ground coarsely, I grind the batter to a fine dosa-like batter which turns it right for making Crispy dosa.
  • Similar to the Traditional Adai recipe, I grind a few powerful spices along with the batter to make it spicy and earthy in the flavour. They are red chillies and fennel seeds which my mom used to add for her flavoursome Adai.

So, the end product would be the best crispy and roasted dosa with no notes of sprouted pulses visible in the dosa. Your kids will be happy to see the roasted dosa and you will be happy mom in serving healthy plus tasty dosas.

Add some chopped onions, a dash of hing and curry leaves to the batter and convert it to a traditional adai if Adai dosa is your favourite option. I have shown both the versions in the post and you can check my YouTube video for the visual treat.

Mostly during all nights, some legume should be sprouting at my home and so, the variety of the sprouted pulses change each time I prepare adai dosa. But, to get that true soulful taste, I never skip sprouted chickpeas in the recipe which I think is a star leading the recipe to reach the top taste. One more thing is that I use sprouted black grams instead of whole urad dal. In case you skip sprouted black gram, you have to add a little whole or split urad dal to get the perfect adai dosa.

Which rice to use?
  • I usually use raw red rice for making this Sprouted pulses adai dosa recipe which really would enrich the recipe in taste as well as health.
  • As I don't have red rice in my pantry, I use usual raw rice and parboiled rice (idly rice) in the recipe posted here which is also equally good when judging the taste.
  • So, you can use raw white rice, raw red rice or even raw brown rice to imitate this recipe.
Coarse or Fine batter?
  • The coarse batter doesn't yield crispy dosa but adai dosa would be incredibly great and authentic when the batter is coarse.
  • Fine batter matches the need for perfect crispy flavoursome dosa with which adai dosa could also be made possible.
  • You could go with whatever you want, but, if you ask me, the fine batter would be my choice.
Should the batter need to get fermented before use?
  • NO!
  • Hurray! As no fermentation is needed, the dish can be enjoyed as soon as the batter is ready.
Do Sprouted Pulses need to get soaked?
  • As the sprouts are already tender, there is not any need to soak the sprouted pulses.
  • But, soaking them lessen the grinding time and it gives hand in getting a fine batter in lesser time.
  • I usually soak the sprouts along with the rice and my grinding time is just 10 minutes to get the fine batter.
Sometimes, I mix an egg with the batter to make an 'adai omelette' for my little love and she is a lover of that recipe. I add fewer chillies to make the dish less spicy that best suit my little bud's taste bud. The mild sweetness from the sprouted pulses, the mild heat of the red chillies, the rich flavour of the fennel seeds when combined together really works very well and never fails to make us say 'WOW'.

So, a wholesome and flavoursome recipe which could be served soulfully from toddlers to aged people is what I choose to post this week. Spend a little time to sprout the pulses and get the full satisfaction of serving a healthful breakfast to your family.

Sprouting Time: 1 to 2 days (depends upon the variety of pulses)
Soaking Time: 1 hour
Grinding Time: <20 minutes
Cooking Time: 1to 2 minutes per dosa
🍴Servings: 6 to 7

Sprouted Pulses Crispy Dosa & Soft Adai Recipe

A wholesome, health-filling and tummy-filling breakfast prepared with the batter made from sprouted pulses with which both the crispy dosa and soft adai dosa are possible.

What to Use? [1 cup = 100 ml]
  • Idly rice (parboiled rice) - 1 cup
  • Raw rice - 1 cup
  • Sprouted green gram - 3/4 cup
  • Sprouted black gram - 1/2 cup
  • Sprouted Cowpea - 1/2 cup
  • Sprouted Red kidney bean / Rajma - 1/2 cup
  • Sprouted Chickpea - 1 cup
  • Dried red chillies - 6
  • Fennel seeds - 1 tsp
  • Sea salt - as needed

For Adai Dosa:
  • Onion - 1 (chopped)
  • Curry leaves - a sprig (chopped)
  • Coriander leaves - a few (chopped)
  • Asafoetida - a pinch
  • Dry Drumstick Leaves powder - 1 tbsp (or dried drumstick leaves or fresh drumstick leaves)

Steps Involved: 

    • Add idly rice, raw rice, sprouted green gram, sprouted black gram, sprouted red kidney bean, sprouted cowpea and sprouted chickpea to a bowl.
    • Wash the ingredients well and add a few dried red chillies to it.
    • Soak all the ingredients with enough water for about 2 hours.
    • Grind the soaked rice and sprouts along with fennel seeds and salt to a fine batter.
    • Make a thin dosa to make a crispy dosa roast.
    • Add chopped onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves, hing and drumstick leaves to the batter and make a thick dosa to make a perfect adai dosa.
    • Serve the sprouted pulses dosa hot with Garlic, Chilli or Coconut chutney.

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    For comforting the easy understandability of the recipe, the step by step detailed procedure along with the picture is shown below:

    Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

    How to Make?

    • Add idly rice to a bowl. Idli rice is the parboiled rice which suits well for this recipe. As a healthy substitute, you could add red rice or even brown parboiled rice. Red parboiled rice is what I usually add for making this recipe.
    • Add raw rice to the same bowl. Raw red rice or raw brown rice could be added for enhancing the health profile.
    • Add sprouted green gram to the same bowl. Green gram adds nice crisp to the dosa and hence, I suggest following the mentioned quantity of ingredients to get the perfect crispy dosa or adai dosa.
    • Add sprouted black gram to the same bowl. Urad dal can be skipped as sprouted black gram is added. In case of omitting the sprouted black gram, 2 tablespoons of urad dal should be added.
    • Add sprouted red kidney bean/ Rajma to the same bowl. Red kidney beans are a great source of good nutrients and hence I love adding them in this recipe though it could be skipped.
    • Add sprouted cowpea to the bowl. Though this step is optional, I prefer adding them to add a bundle of goodness to the health.
    • Add sprouted chickpeas to the bowl. This is mandatory to get included as it substitutes channa dal in the traditional adai recipe.
    • Add some dried red chillies to the sprouted pulses. This adds heat to the recipe which is what we need in the adai dosa. The amount could be adjusted based on the palate. Mine is a less spicy version as I make this for my kid.
    • Wash all the ingredients well and soak them with enough water for about 2 hours.
    • Grind all the ingredients in the grinder along with the fennel seeds which adds an earthy flavour to the recipe.
    • Add the required salt while grinding. Sea salt is what I add here.
    • Grind and prepare a fine dosa-like batter.

    Method 1: CRISPY DOSA
    • Grease an iron skillet and make a thin dosa.

    • When the dosa starts to roast, take the crispy dosa from the skillet without flipping.

    Method 2: ADAI DOSA
    • To the fine sprouted pulses batter, add one chopped onion.
    • Add some chopped curry leaves which adds a nice flavour to the adai dosa.
    • Add some coriander leaves to the batter. I love to add coriander leaves in most of my recipes as they add freshness and zing to the recipe.
    • Add a pinch of asafoetida which gives the dosa an authentic adai dosa flavour.
    • Adding drumstick leaves to the adai dosa batter is an optional step. But, you know? There is a wonder behind these drumstick leaves as they lend amazing taste to the taste buds. As my place is not accessible to fresh drumstick leaves, I add dried drumstick leaves whenever I prepare this recipe. I prefer adding fresh drumstick leaves to make the adai dosa reach the next level.
    • Mix well all the ingredients and make a thick adai dosa in a hot iron skillet.
    • Flip the adai dosa and cook the other side for a minute.
    • The tasty and ultra-healthy version of sprouted pulses adai dosa is ready to serve!

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    • Don't skip sprouted chickpeas as they are the anchor of this recipe. I don't add any split dal in this recipe which the traditional version of adai dosa calls for.
    • Substitute the raw rice and idly rice with red rice or brown rice for more healthiness.
    • Don't make this for dinner as they are very heavy on the tummy. Make your breakfast wholesome and completely healthful with this sprouted pulses adai dosa.
    • Any kind of Sprouted pulses could be added for this recipe. But, the above-mentioned combination of sprouted pulses worked wonderfully in giving the perfect flavour and taste.
    • Don't skip drumstick leaves while making adai dosa and that is how my mom used to make.
    • If you skip Sprouted black gram, add 2 tablespoons of urad dal (either whole or split). Otherwise, you couldn't get a crispy version of adai dosa.
    Wholesome, Health-Filling & Tummy-Filling Breakfast!