Pearl Millet / கம்பு / बाजरा Butter Cookies


What could be better than the homemade healthy cookies? Nothing right?

So, How excited you would be if you prepare the healthy cookies in less than 15 minutes? What would you say if the cookie-making procedure just needs 4 (only four!) ingredients? Moreover, how happy you would be if the cookies are free from chemicals (with no raising agent and no artificial flavouring agent)?

So, what could you get from this post?

  • 100% Chemical-free cookies (0% raising agent, 0% artificial flavours)
  • 100% Organic cookies (with 100% Organic jaggery powder & 0% Refined sugar)
  • 100% Healthy cookies (with 100% Pearl-millet flour & 0% Maida)
  • 100% Crispy & Mouth-melting cookies.
  • It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and is super easy too.
  • It just needs 4 ingredients to prepare and is not at all complicated!

An extra-crisp, mouth-melting and chemical-free buttery cookies made with wholesome Pearl millet / Kambu/ Bajra flour. I bet that you can't find this kind of healthy cookie anywhere in the shops and I'm damn sure you can't find this recipe anywhere in the web as this is one of the innovative recipes that I wanna reveal from my cookbook.

Are you a person keeping cookies in your pantry always?  I have some worthy words to share with you. Store-bought cookies are made with Maida and Refined sugar, both of which plays a vital role in harming your health. Added to the badness, some more chemicals would be added which includes artificial flavouring agents, raising agents and much more that we don't even aware of.

Now tell me, could you still offer the store-bought cookies guilt-freely to your kids or loved ones? No, right. That's why I'm sharing my top credited cookie recipe ((loved by my loved ones!) with you which is not only healthy but also super easy-to-make.

These healthy cookies stay well in an air-tight container at room temperature for more than a week. But do you think that your kids let them stay for a week? No! it will be finished off within a day. That much tasty, yummy, crispy & buttery the cookies will be.

Can I make this recipe without an electrical beater?

  • YES! You can, but you should lend more effort and time.
  • Hand whisk could be used which yields equally good cookies that are made using an electrical beater.
  • Whisk the egg white heavily for 10 minutes if using a hand whisk.

Can I skip egg in this recipe?

  • NO! I suggest not skip the egg white.
  • The perfect airy batter is the must thing in this recipe to get the mouth-melting cookies and egg white does that job more perfectly.
  • Make sure the utensil is clean and dry before you start beating.
  • Also, the egg should be in the room temperature to get the things right.

Can I include egg yolk in the recipe?

  • NOPE!
  • A droplet of egg yolk into the egg white could spoil the egg white from getting fluffy and foamy.

Do I need to sift my ingredients?

  • NO!
  • The organic jaggery powder made from the sugarcanes is bit coarsely grained.
  • Also, the pearl millet flour (good quality!) would not be in fine texture.
  • When 'no sifting' yields yummily crispier cookies, why should you waste the precious time in sifting the ingredients?

Could I have any other alternative for the piping bag?

Ziplock bag:
You could use a ziplock bag as a substitute.
Just cut the edge to open wide enough to pipe the cookies.
Butter paper cone:
Fold the butter paper to make a cone shape and cut the edge to pipe the cookies.

What if I don't own a designed piping tip?

  • No issues!
  • With the spiral patterned tip, you will get a rose-like pattern on top of the cookies.
  • Without the tip, you could still be able to regenerate my recipe without impacting the taste profile with little difference in the appearance. So, feel free to go ahead.

Any alternative for 'Butter paper spread' over the Baking tray?

  • Yes! I have.
  • Parchment paper could be used instead.
  • Coat the pan with a cooking spray which also works well.
  • Grease the plate with some butter or oil and dust with some flour. This is a simple yet easy method that works well for both microwave and stove-top baking techniques.

Can I bake the cookies on Stove-top?

  • YES! You can.
  • With the salt or sand in the heavy bottomed vessel, you could bake the cookies in the plate placed on top of it. But make sure you preheat the setup for 10 minutes in a medium flame.
For Stovetop bakers:
Preheat temperature: high flame
Preheat time: 10 minutes
Baking temperature: Medium-high flame
Baking time: 12 to 15 minutes

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Okie-Dokie, I think I've given enough details to make your cookies fail-free. Now, to the interesting cooking and baking procedure:

⌚ Preparation Time: 15 minutes
⌚ Baking Time: 18 minutes
🍴 Yields: 40 to 45 Bajra Butter Cookies

What to Use?

  • Egg white - 1
  • Jaggery powder - 130 g
  • Butter - 80 g
  • Pearl Millet / Kambu / Bajra flour - 210 g
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp (for flavouring)
So, Healthful Fantastic Four main ingredients + One Flavouring ingredient.

Pearl Millet / Kambu / Bajra Butter Cookies

An extra crispy, super buttery, mouth-melting, chemical-free cookies made with organic jaggery powder and Pearl millet/ Kambu / Bajra flour.

Steps Involved:
  • Segregate egg white from the egg yolk and keep in mind, a droplet of egg yolk into the egg white will stop the egg whites from becoming frothy and foamy.
  • Beat the egg white (at room temperature) until frothy using an electrical beater. (hand whisk also works but electrical beater does the job much easier). After a minute, increase the speed to maximum and beat.
  • Now, add in the organic jaggery powder and start beating in the medium speed.
  • Once combined, add butter (at room temperature) to the mixture and beat well. Now, the mixture would thicken a little.
  • Add cardamom powder to the cookie batter for flavouring.
  • Add in the Pearl millet flour / Kambu / Bajra flour and mix (only mixing no beating!) until well combined.
  • The result would be somewhat like a sticky mixture which is what we want to pipe through our piping bag/Butter paper cone/ziplock bag.
  • Transfer the Bajra butter cookie batter to the piping bag (or butter paper cone or ziplock bag).
  • Ready the baking tray with the butter paper (wax paper) spread over it. 
  • Start piping the cookies in a spiral manner to form circles. As I used spiral designed tip, the cookie shows a rose-like pattern on top of it. You can use any designed tip or just do with no tip (it's our convenience that matters a lot!) Just go ahead with what you have handy with you.
  • Keep a distance between each cookie as cookies will increase its size during the baking process. This avoids cookie collision!
  • Bake the cookies inserting the baking tray in the middle rack. This ensures burnt-free cookies.
  • Below mentioned microwave timing works well for me. As each microwave oven is different, it is advisable to keep an eye on the cookies while baking to avoid them from burning.
  • Preheat temperature: 210-degree Celcius 

    Preheat time: 10 minutes

    Baking time: 18 minutes 

    Baking temperature: 210-degree Celcius

  • Wait till the cookies cool down completely and then transfer the cookies to some clean air-tight container.
  • Wholesome Healthy Bajra Butter cookies are ready to snack!

Visual Treat:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?

  • Segregate the egg white from the egg yolk. The egg at the room temperature will froth more than the egg in the refrigerator. Also, a single drop of egg yolk into the egg white will stop the egg whites from becoming frothy. One more thing, keep the utensil clean & dry in which you gonna beat.
  • Beat the egg white until frothy. If using a hand whisk, whisk heavily for about 10 minutes or until it forms a foamy texture. If using an electrical beater, beat in the low speed for a minute and switch to high speed until it forms a peak. Though the frothy texture is enough for this recipe, if it forms a peak, it will be more than enough to make good cookies.
  • Now add the jaggery powder and beat well. I have used 100% organic jaggery powder which is prepared from the sugarcane. 
  • Once combined, add the butter at room temperature.
    • Beat in the low speed until well combined. The mixture would be somewhat thicker in consistency which similars the buttercream consistency.
    • Now add cardamom powder for flavouring.
    • Add in the Pearl millet / Kambu / Bajra flour and mix to combine.
    • Don't beat after adding the millet flour as beating tends to make the cookies hard. Just mix to combine and that is enough.
    • The sticky mixture is perfect as we gonna pipe the cookies through the piping bag. So, Bajra Butter Cookie batter is ready!
    • Transfer the cookie batter to the piping bag (or ziplock bag or butter paper cone) with (or without) the piping tip. I've used spiral designed tip for my cookies.
      • Spread the butter paper over the baking tray and start piping the cookies in a spiral motion starting from the centre to make circle-shaped cookies. I've gotten a rose-like pattern on the top of the cookies because of the spiral design tip.
      • Bake the cookies in the oven (or stovetop) sticking to the mentioned timing.
      • In the 18 minutes, the cookies will spread to the sides getting bigger in size and start to show the brown crust.
      • Getting brownish colour is the perfect time to take the cookies out. Let the cookies cool down for some time.
      • Now transfer the cookies to some airtight container and enjoy them whenever you want!

        Visual Treat:


        • If you don't own an electrical beater, feel free to use hand whisk as you will get equally good cookies.
        • Each microwave oven is different and hence the mentioned timing may vary a little.
        • Keep a good distance between the cookies to prevent the cookies from glueing with each other. During baking, the cookies will enlarge.
        • One more good thing is that you need not sift the ingredients and so, no time gets wasted.
        • Strictly stick to the amount mentioned in the ingredients list. Changing the quantities of the ingredients would highly impact the crispiness and firmness of the cookies.

        Crispy, Buttery & Healthy Cookies!

        There's a lot of time & effort I invest behind each post to come up with innovative cum healthy recipes with the hope that many good-hearted people like you would be benefited. I would like to hear from you. Please come back to share your recipe experience through the comment section. Subscribe our YouTube channel to get the visual treat!


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