Bajra (Pearl Millet or Kambu) Raab | Immunity Booster


Pearl millet Raab is a medicinal drink or porridge made with Pearl millet (Bajra) flour, dry ginger, black pepper, ajwain or carom seeds and Jaggery. Though Raab recipe could be imitated with any millet flour, wheat flour or even Sathumaav (health mix powder), Raab made with Pearl Millet has been the most popular concoction in Indian tradition, to be particular, in Gujarat.

Raab, unlike normal porridge, adds a unique taste to the porridge with the tempering of very special ingredients in a splash of ghee. Each ingredient in the Raab has held a noticeable medicinal property, hence making the recipe a most healthy option to add in our daily diet.

Traditional Raab Recipe:
  • Traditionally, Raab begins with the making of Bajra porridge (mix Bajra flour, jaggery, water, and cook until the mixture thickens) and the carom seeds have to be tempered in hot ghee and poured over the porridge.
  • Dry ginger powder and black pepper (or black pepper powder) are supposed to be tempered or added directly to the prepared Raab.
  • Some People add cloves as they hold good medicinal value.

What's Unique here?
  • I add Cinnamon, cloves and green cardamoms (Choti Elachi) along with the ajwain. They not only lift the flavours but also benefit easy healing with incredible medicinal properties.
  • Cinnamon and green cardamoms are health beneficiaries cum good flavouring agents.
  • I make granulated spice powder with the tempering ingredients using mortar-pestle and then temper it in a lavish splash of ghee to better mend the flavours with the gruel.
  • Addition of chopped nuts. I go nuts adding nuts in whatever dish I do, almost wherever possible. You could be able to see nuts in most of my posts if you follow me ;-)
  • Adding finely chopped nuts is completely optional, but I prefer adding them as they are highly nutritive.

Know how Raab could Heal you:

  1. Gluten-free millet, rich in Iron, Phosphorous, fibre and folic acid.
  2. The presence of folic acid makes it very suitable during pregnancy period.
  3. It contains insoluble fibre which helps improve digestion.
  4. It has anti-cancer properties and is great for those who suffer from diabetes.
  5. It has more starch and hence could be a source of high-energy food.
Ajwain (carom) seeds: Helps improve the digestion process.
Dry ginger: Great medicine for cough and cold.
Black Pepper: Soothes the throat and acts as a best cold reliever.
Cloves: Cures Stomach ulcers and lifts bone strength.
Cardamom: regulates blood circulation, aids digestion and reduces cough.

So, Who could be benefited by consuming Raab?
  • Raab is good healing medicine for all people who are suffering and who has been recovering from flu, cold or cough.
  • Feel like your Immunity system is not strong enough? Consume Raab as it acts as an excellent Immunity booster.
  • Pregnant Ladies - Good for you and your yet-to-come little bud.
  • Lactating Mothers - Great supplement for you.
  • Diabetic patients- Skip jaggery, use salt and consume Raab.
  • Great energy booster for kids and adults.

I have prepared Raab with other millet flours and Sathumaav (health drink powder) and tried tempering with only ajwain, only cloves, both ajwain and cloves, etc. My every Raab attempts excelled with top taste and health profile. Still, Bajra Raab tempered with ajwain, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom topped the class and that's why I've chosen this Bajra Raab to get posted in my blog.

With the nice blend of flavours and the best healing properties, this Raab would warmth you, for sure, even after the last sip in your cup. A very simple, yet tasty and healthful recipe is here for you.

⏲ Preparation Time: 2 minutes
⏲ Cooking Time: 5 to 7 minutes
🍴 Servings: 3 cups of Raab

What to Use?
  • Bajra / Pearl Millet / Kambu flour - 3 tbsp
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Black pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Dry Ginger Powder - 1 tsp
  • Milk - 1 cup (optional)
  • Jaggery syrup - 1/4 cup or Jaggery powder - 5 to 6 tbsp
To Temper:
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp
  • Ajwain (or carom) seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Cinnamon - 3 sticks (1/2 inch each)
  • Cloves / Laung - 4
  • Cardamom / Choti Elachi- 3

Bajra (Pearl Millet or Kambu) Raab | Immunity Booster

Gruel (or porridge) made with Pearl Millet flour and jaggery, tempered with Ajwain seeds, and flavoured with spices, dry ginger powder and black pepper powder.

Steps Involved:
  • Crush the ingredients to be tempered using a mortar-pestle and get the coarsely powdered spices ready.
  • Take a pan, turn on the flame and pour ghee to it.
  • Wait till the ghee shimmers and add the crushed spice powder to get tempered.
  • Add finely chopped nuts (optional) at this stage, if you desire to add.
  • Add Bajra flour and give a mix.
  • Add water and whisk well to get rid of any lumps.
  • Add salt, black pepper powder and dry ginger powder to the Raab and mix well.
  • Add jaggery syrup (or powder) and stir to incorporate the sweetness. 
  • Finally, add a cup of milk (or water) and stir to get a gruel with good pouring consistency (usually thin!).
  • Enjoy the hot reviving gruel on each sip!
Visual Treat:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?
  • Take ajwain (or carom seeds), cloves, cinnamon and cardamom in a mortar and crush it to a granulated spice mix using a pestle. Unlike my version, you could temper with the whole spices. But, crushing helps better mending of flavours and would end up in a flavoursome Raab.

  • Get the crushed spice mix ready to get tempered in ghee.
  • Add ghee to a pan and wait for it to shimmer.
  • Add the spice mix and let the flavours leak out.
  • Add finely chopped nuts to the ghee. I have added cashews, almonds and walnuts. Sliced nuts hinder the experience of hot Raab, and so, I prefer adding finely chopped nuts. This step is completely optional and you could skip this with no impairment to the dish.
  • Add Bajra /Pearl millet / Kambu flour to the same pan.
  • Add water and stir to alleviate the formation of lumps. Raab would get thicken in a few minutes.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the Raab.
  • Add black pepper powder to the boiling Raab.
  • Add dry ginger powder now and mix well.
  • Pour in the filtered jaggery syrup (or jaggery powder) and stir to get the sweetness mixed evenly with the Raab.
  • Add a cup of milk to the thick Raab and make it the porridge with pouring consistency. Milk could be omitted and water could be substituted to make a perfect gruel.
  • Perfect tasting and Perfect Healing Raab is ready!
Visual Treat:

  • I found that crushing the spices before tempering makes the Raab more flavoursome. 
  • Raab recipe can be duplicated with any millet flour of your choice or with wheat flour or even with Sathumaav (Health drink powder).
  • Raab will get thicker when cools down. So, adjust water or milk accordingly to get the right consistency.
Wholesome, Hot & Reviving Porridge!


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