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What else would come to mind other than Modak when Ganesh Chaturti is near? The Rice flour Modaks with sweet fillings are the most common Modaks offered to Lord Ganesha. But, as a tweak, the healthy & tasty Moong Dal Modak is coming here as a Special post for Ganesh Chaturthi.

These Modaks have no shells, no filling and no shaping required. All we need is to hold the mixture between palm and fingers to get an imprint of the fingers over the Modaks. We call it Pidi Kozukattai in Tamil as we simply hold & press to get the Modak shapes ('Pidi' means 'Hold'). Though many kinds of Pidi Kozukattai are there, this modak tastes great with the grainy texture of raw rice and Moong dal.

These health-filled Modaks can be offered to Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi. I often make these super grainy, flavourful and protein-rich Modaks as a quick snack for my kiddo. Trust me guys, Moong dal modak is a healthy snacking option for the kids. One more great news is that these sweet versioned modaks are made just using three ingredients: Moong dal, Raw rice, and Jaggery. 

Things to Follow to get the Perfect Modak:

  • Roast the Raw rice and Moong dal over a low flame until they turn out super crispy and aromatic. You can roast them together or separately as per your desire. But, make sure to roast them very well to get the best-tasting Modaks. 
  • Grind the roasted ingredients into a coarse powder to achieve the right grainy feel in the steam-cooked Modaks.
  • With the very fine powder, the right texture would be missing. And, with the very coarse powder, the grains may seem hard to bite. So, grind the well-roasted ingredients to a "not too coarse, not too fine" powder.
  • Also, the Jaggery syrup should be just sticky while the ground powder is added.
  • Flavouring the Modaks with cardamom powder, and adding ghee is optional. But, adding them truly enhances the flavour profile.
These steam-cooked Modaks are very healthy with the goodness of Jaggery and Moong dal. The coarse grainy texture you feel on bites, and the flavorful roasted moong dal makes you finish off the modaks in no minutes.

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⏲ Preparation Time: 15 minutes
⏲ Cooking Time: 15 minutes
🍴  Yields: 16 to 18 Modaks

Moong Dal Pidi Kozukattai

The healthy steam-cooked Modak prepared with Raw rice, Moong Dal, and Jaggery.
What do you need?[1 cup = 200 ml]
  • Moong Dal -1/2 cup
  • Raw rice - 1 cup
  • Jaggery - 3/4 cup
  • Water -1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Ghee - 1 tsp
Steps Involved:
  • Dry roast raw rice and moong dal together until they turn aromatic.
  • Grind the roasted ingredients into a coarse powder.
  • Add Jaggery and water to a pan and make a syrup.
  • Flavour the Jaggery syrup with cardamom powder. Add a little ghee as well.
  • Add the ground coarse powder to the hot syrup, and mix well until combined.
  • Cool the mixture for a while.
  • Grease the hands with a little ghee, take a small portion of the mixture and press firmly between the palm & fingers to get the modak.
  • Make all the Modaks and steam-cook for about 15 minutes in an idly pan.
  • The tasty Moong dal Modaks are ready now!

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For comforting the easy understandability of the recipe, the step by step, detailed procedure, along with the picture is shown below:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Pictures

How to Make?

  • Take a cup of raw rice in a pan.

  • Along with the raw rice, add half a cup of Moong dal. 

  • Dry roast them until they roast well and turns out aromatic.
  • Transfer the roasted ingredients to a mixer and grind to get a coarse powder.
  • In a pan, take Jaggery and Water together to make a syrup. Stir to dissolve completely.

  • Filter the syrup to get rid of the impurities present in it. 
  • Flavour the Jaggery syrup with cardamom powder.


  • Add a little ghee to the Jaggery syrup. 

  • To the hot syrup, add the coarse powder and start to stir until the powder combines well with the syrup.  
  • Mix until the coarse flour is mixed thoroughly with the syrup. 

  • Transfer to a bowl and let the mixture cools completely. 

  • Take a little mixture in a hand, and hold firmly between the palm and fingers. Do the same for the leftover mixture too. 
  • Once all the modaks are done, steam-cook them for 15 minutes in an idly pan.
  • Tasty and yummy moong dal modaks are ready now.

  • Adding little ghee to the mixture would make it more flavoursome and helps to easily make Modaks.
  • The roasted ingredients should not be too coarse or too fine to get the perfect grainy texture in the Modaks.

Protein-Rich! Healthy Snack!


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