Sprouting is the germination process that could be done in legumes, seeds and even in nuts like almond, cashew, etc. Is it really a good go? Yes, Sprouting has its own benefits.
  • It has no phytic acid in it, so easier for the digestion of any age groups.
  • It is highly nutritious than the unsprouted ones.
  • It has higher fiber content, which helps to alleviate constipation.

Okay, let us put a full stop to the science of cooking. Coming to the cooking part now, how to do sprouting is an easy job. Whatever recipes you could do with the unsprouted ones can be done with the sprouted ones, with additional health benefits.

What you need?
  • Any legumes, water and a muslin cloth or a net bag.
How to do?
  • Wash and soak lentils overnight. I take green peas here to show you.

  • The next day morning, drain the water and transfer the lentils to a net bag.
  • Twist the bag tightly making no gap for the lentils to move.

  • Place the bag inside any closed box. The moist and temperature inside would help them to start germinating.
  • The very next day, Sprouted lentils would be ready for us for being cooked.

  • The net bag is a wiser choice. Easy to go technique.
  • Sprouting time depends on the kind of seed used. Green gram takes lesser time while Chickpeas takes longer time to sprout.


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