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Ice Apple-Gulkand Matka Kulfi with Jaggery | Nungu-Gulkand Malai Kulfi recipe | Nungu Matka Kulfi

Jump to Recipe How to make Ice Apple Gulkand Matka Kulfi with Jaggery | Nungu Gulkand Malai Kulfi recipe | Nungu Matka Kulfi with detailed snaps and step-by-step procedure. What else could be the best body coolant in this scorching summer more than the Ice apples and Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)? Think of those natural jellies and the body-cooling homemade Gulkand getting indulged into a Malai Kulfi. Wow! It's amazing, right?! The taste would undoubtedly stand out of the world. I don't recommend buying Gulkand from stores as most of the brands are preserving rose petals in sugar. If buying from the shop, please make sure the petals are soaked up in honey. The best option is to make the homemade Gulkand for which the recipe is available in two versions in Packthesnack. Please refer to my Homemade Gulkand post.  Also, we make our khoya to make the Malai which is instant and easy. For making homemade khoya, we use unsweetened milk powder. Having said that, the coconut milk


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